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My Blue Royal Reviews is a detailed review based on my opinion for traders and investors curious about this broker platform rather than a recommendation. I have been working with Blue Royals as their client for the last 3 years. Ever since the rise of cryptocurrencies in 2019, I have registered my account at I started to work with this platform because of its feature that allows the trading of various assets.

Throughout my experience, I have explored the impressive features of the platform. However, there are not only positive things that came to light but also negative ones. I have explained the pros and cons of the Blue Royal Investment with an objective approach. Regardless of my unbiased opinion, I will suggest you do your thorough research before investing in any of the platforms.

When I shifted from my previous broker, I had quite a difficult time choosing a broker with a trading platform with all the benefits and services I desired. There were many options, and I was unsure of choosing any of those because of the fear of scams. It took me about 6 months to look for a platform, and the process was very stressful for me.

Luckily, I found the Blue Royal website unintentionally. I found it very amusing and authentic, but I went to read some reviews, and to my surprise, I did not find a convincing review. Following my instincts, I made an account, and I have been a part of Blue Royal ever since.

I am writing this review to aid traders in finding an excellent platform for trading suiting their needs. I have explained the pros and cons of Blue Royal in this Blue Royal Reviews, but please take this as a proposal.

Pros of Blue Royal Broker

Privacy and Security

First of all, in my Blue Royal Reviews, I will discuss the privacy and security that Blue Royal provides to its customers. The safety of the client’s money is the priority of the brokers, and many brokers scam people and are not immune to hacking and unauthorized access to their accounts.

Unlike them, Blue Royal uses an automated system known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which encrypts all credit card payments over the web.

Clients get the notification instantly. I prefer Blue Royal because not even once did I feel my money’s safety was being compromised while working with them. Blue Royal provides the highest level of transparency, and its clients have complete control over the use of their data.

Customer Service

I want to add the best service, in my opinion, of Blue Royals in this Blue Royal Review; their customer service. Blue Royal’s customer service is available 24/5; in different categories. Clients can click on the ‘Contact Us’ option on the official website’s main menu. It has four different methods that they can choose from for contacting the support team.

Customer service is provided via live chat, online form, or email, or customers can directly call to sort out their problems and doubts. Despite being available 24/5, I got an instant reply from the support team while I was stuck when I contacted them during working hours.

Moreover, the online forms are easy to fill out, and the support team’s reply is always very detailed, with proper instructions and explanations.


There are different kinds of traders and investors, and Blue Royal has an account for each type. Blue Royal broker offers five different accounts to their customers. Each account has its own benefits based on deposit fees. Secure and personalized accounts are suitable for both; inexperienced and professional traders. The financial needs and ability of the clients are one of the reasons for sorting these accounts. The first basic account requires a $250 deposit; a deposit this low is a perfect deal for Forex trading.

However, this account doesn’t come with many benefits, but there are other options to get as many benefits as we desire. As the account upgrades, it provides additional services along with all the benefits provided in the previous accounts.

The VIP clients have access to daily webinars and get the ultimate investing experience with deposits as high as $250,000. These accounts are especially for high-volume traders. Customers can open an account in USD, EUR, or GBP, but they cannot change the currency once they have registered.



In my Blue Royal Reviews, I cannot ignore the registration process of Blue Royal. The registration process is a very easy 3 steps process. Customers first need to click on the ‘Open an account’ option on the official website and fill in the details on the form. The next step requires them to submit the form. That is all! Submit the form, and customers can start trading right away after making an account deposit. And the best part for me was that the registration was free. Moreover, if anyone is having trouble trying to register, the support team is available to help. Customers can contact via Gmail, phone, or live chat.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Withdrawal and deposit features are the prominent features that attracted me to Blue Royal. I would add quick deposit and withdrawal services in my Blue Royal Reviews as one of the most convenient services throughout my 3-year of experience. I was offered various payment methods, including Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa), Wire Transfers, and several forms of e-payment like E-Wallet (APM, EFT). The depositing method is quite simple; it requires the users to log in to their accounts first and then go to the ‘Deposit’ section.

After selecting their preferred payment method, clients need to enter the amount they wish to deposit. The money gets deposited with a single click on the ‘Deposit’ button. The withdrawal method is the same just as the depositing method! Withdrawal can be canceled anytime, even if the request is being processed. The money goes right back to the trading account.

Trading Platform

The most significant part of trading is the trading platform. It is where trading takes place; that’s why customers often visit platforms. The trading platform of Blue Royal is web-based and can be accessed through any device that has an internet connection. It was quite beneficial to me as I only needed the internet to make an entry or exit of trade without having to download the platform to get access to trading features like other trading platforms.

It saved me space on my device. Also, colors on the trading platform indicate the rise (Green) and fall (Red) of a price. The platform is designed as user-friendly, and the best part is I customized my own chart according to my preferences.

Tradable Assets

I will also discuss tradable assets in my Blue Royal Reviews, as it offers a variety of tradable assets. I shifted from my previous broker because the platform only offered two types of financial assets. I also wanted to trade cryptocurrencies, but the option was not available, so I came to the Blue Royal trading platform to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Blue Royal allows trading for many more assets besides these two. This broker platform offers trading of all financial assets, including Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, and Indices.

Cons of Blue Royal Broker

Mobile App

The number one inconvenience I want to mention in my Blue Royal Reviews is the absence of a mobile app. I have been trading with Blue Royal for 3 years now, and my work would have been quite easier if I had been able to access trading platforms via a mobile app.

Not every person is financially stable to afford both; a mobile phone and a laptop/PC. At the same time, a mobile phone is a gadget owned by everyone regardless of their class or status.

A mobile trading app is an excellent option to make the trading process easy and quick, and it is a perfect strategy to attract more customers for its convenient use. Therefore, I would suggest that Blue Royal offer a Mobile Trade app for quick trading access to its customers.

No Demo Account

Another suggestion that I would like to list in my Blue Royal Reviews is the demo account service. Blue Royal does not offer a demo account which can be risky for beginners to trade their money with no prior knowledge. I believe this service will provide a one-of-a-kind experience for inexperienced traders.

Practicing trading with fake money on demo accounts will be a stress-free experience encouraging trial customers to avail the trading platform. With Blue Royal introducing this feature, many new inexperienced customers will opt for it.

Minimum Account Required to Open a Basic Account

I would like to discuss the minimum amount required to open a basic account on Blue Royal Investments as a drawback in my Blue Royal Reviews. The minimum amount required for account opening on the Blue Royal Investments official website is $250.

I did not start my trading journey with Blue Royals as this amount was too large for a beginner like me to start trading, which requires risk-taking. Blue Royals Investment is a perfect platform for forex trading, but the minimum requirement amount makes traders want to drop it with all the excellent customer and withdrawal services.



Blue Royal’s official website has impressive e-books for customers to read, covering necessary financial trading topics for beginners and professionals. I found them very helpful and informative throughout my experience. However, the free material provided on the website, eBooks, Asset Index, and a Glossary, is not enough, in my opinion, to attract customers and clear their doubts.

Video tutorials are not available for free to beginners. There are webinars and 1-to-1 sessions, but only VIP customers have access to these. Therefore, I would add another suggestion on my Blue Royal Reviews for the broker to add a free video learning guide for beginners.


I am quite hopeful that my Blue Royal Reviews will be helpful to you. I tried my best to review all the features of Blue Royal without any bias. Blue Royal, a broker platform, is transparent, secure, and user-friendly with incredible features; account types, tradable assets, and quick service for all types of investors and traders. Their registration process is very simple, and the platform has all the financial instruments and tools for smooth trading. E-books offered by Blue Royal are detailed to be read for both; beginners and experienced traders.

However, some of you might be disappointed to see that Blue Royal does not offer a Mobile Trading App or demo accounts and free video tutorials. But I must say that their web-based platform can be used on mobile phones with no difficulty at all; you would only need an internet connection. I am a happy client of Blue Royal regardless of these drawbacks as the services I am being provided are very satisfactory.

While concluding my Blue Royal Reviews, the broker is an excellent opportunity for you traders as they offer most of the desired services of traders. Every investor and trader has their own desires and requirements. And if you feel slightly convinced after reading this article, do your detailed research by reading more Blue Royal Reviews. I hope you find your desired broker. Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This is a review article for informational purposes based on my opinion. It does not include any sort of recommendation.

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